Mobile Websites

Get Traction for Your Business in the Largest Growing Segment of the Internet

HPDMobile websites drive growth for small businesses.  Every day the amount of people that access the Internet on their mobile devices increases.  It’s estimated that over half of Americans own smartphones. That means more people looking for goods and services online, from their smart phones and tablets.

Key functions of a mobile website are reducing clutter, elimination of needing to pinch the screen to see the text, and amazing functions like click to call, click for directions (with mapping), and easy to use contact forms that you can hit with your thumb.  How long will a prospective customer stay on your website on their mobile device before they give up?  Make it easy for new and returning customers to contact you.  Just because your website can be accessed on your smart phone, it doesn’t mean that your site is mobile friendly.

Customers appreciate mobile friendly sites, and are more likely to take action from a smart phone.  Also, mobile growth is exploding.  Don’t be left behind without a mobile friendly site.  Mobile sites need to be simple, classy, and easy to use.  Let us make you a site that matches up with your existing desktop website.  You won’t be sorry.