Website Hosting

Speed and Reliabilty for Your Desktop Website


17815766_sWe provide premium website hosting for all of our desktop website clients only.  It’s a requirement for every site we create.  We’ve learned that hosting can vary a lot in price and function.  That’s why we only trust one host, and that is JZ Media.    Cheap hosting plans are just that, and are more trouble than they are worth.  We supply our users with fast, optimized sites that are scalable to suit your website’s needs now and as you grow.

Included with the hosting are scheduled backups, updates, and routine maintenance. We keep backups based on our clients needs and the frequency of changes to the websites so should anything go wrong we can restore the site properly. We will set up a schedule to do it for you to help protect your site and give you piece of mind.  We also have the expertise to help you protect your website from hackers/bots that comes with all of our desktop website work.  It’s just another added benefit of working with JZ Media